Are roller blinds in style?

Are roller blinds in style?

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Are roller blinds in style? Yes, and they’re good “in” any style you can think of! It’s kind of hard to come at fairly obtuse questions like “Are roller blinds in style” and give one straight answer or explanation as to why because everyone has a different idea of what they mean when they say “in style.”

For some people, “in style” is synonymous with popular, while for others, they want to know if roller blinds are fashionable, or in keeping with the latest trends in interiors, while others still might want to know if rollers match or can work with a certain specific style or theme such as the one they have or are planning to have in their own home.

With this in mind, I’m going to provide various justifications for my “yes” answer to the question of whether or not roller blinds Houston are in style and explain why this is too.

Are roller blinds popular?

Kicking off then, are roller blinds popular compared to other types of blinds? Yes; and in fact, roller blinds are far and away the most popular blinds on the market overall, and the type of blinds we sell the most of. I haven’t done the exact maths, but I would posit that we probably sell almost as many roller blinds in the average year as we do all of the other different types of window blinds we sell combined.

Roller blinds are the most popular type of blinds in the UK based on the level of demand for them and the number of sales of them. You can also read about Sleek and Stylish: Roller Blinds Houston Make a Statement by visiting

Are roller blinds in style?

Yes, the fact that roller blinds are popular also means that they never go out of style – demand for them is consistent in terms of the type of blind the roller blind is, which means that window blind designers and stylists spend a lot of their time identifying the latest and upcoming interiors trends and general buyer preferences, and creating roller blind designs to match.

For instance, pretty much every blinds collection in the UK that’s updated/refreshed annually will almost certainly include a few options in or close to whatever the Pantone “colours of the year” are, and other colour ranges that are getting a lot of attention in interiors circles, or becoming popular in general.

The sheer number of patterns, designs, and even textures and finishes within the average roller blinds range from UK retailers are generally extensive too, with new additions coming in all the time (and older designs and styles being phased out) to ensure that roller blind styles move with the times and that they always come in a wide range of options.

With that said, classical and subtle or neutral roller blinds that have either a universal appeal or that specifically style well with older properties or those incorporating a more timeless or even period theme never really fall out of popularity and are always in style too. It would be a mistake to think that roller blinds only really work within modern homes, or that they are likely to age poorly.

roller blinds in style

Why are roller blinds in style?

So, why are roller blinds in style and consistently so popular year on year? They’re probably the best all-rounder when you take into account all of the various factors that make up the average blinds buyer’s purchasing decision. Click here to read about everything you need to know about roller blinds.

They’re highly cost-effective (being significantly lower priced than some other types of blinds) as well as being lightweight and easy and quick to install yourself at home without any special skills or tools, far less the need to hire someone to do it for you.

They don’t take up a lot of space within the window recess, aren’t one of the types of blinds that are massively keen on gathering dust, and when rolled up, give you a clear view of outside without taking up a lot of space at the top of the window.

Roller blinds can be made in waterproof, thermally efficient, blackout, and dimout options (not necessarily all within the same blind, but three out of four will often be possible) and they are easy to operate, hardwearing, and when bought from reputable retailers like us, have an average lifespan of well over a decade in regular use.

Functional factors aside, when you get into the aesthetics of things roller blinds are available in a wider range of colours, patterns and styles than any other type of blind.

There are hundreds of different colour options, designs, and themes available in most retailer’s ranges, so even if you have something really specific in mind or are infamously hard to please, you’d have to be trying quite hard to be unable to find a roller blind that suits the room you’re shopping for and that also “sparks joy” on a personal level too.

Are roller blinds faddy, or likely to age poorly?

As a blind type, roller blinds never go out of fashion/style. In this same context, they’re universally suitable for and able to work well within any interior environment, from super-modern to chintzy cottage and beyond, and in both homes and offices (and other workplaces) too.

This means that whether or not any given roller blind is likely to age poorly or be considered out of date in short-order stands depends on the design or pattern you choose for it.

If you’re planning to keep your blinds for the long term, consider working them into whatever your style is in a more neutral sense (say, by choosing blinds that complement your colour scheme rather than being a design feature in their own right) as opposed to choosing a bold, trendy pattern in whatever the latest look is, and which might well segue from “up-and-coming” to “on-trend” to “market saturation” to “very cliché” inside just a couple of years.

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